The Lost Leaf

914 N 5th Street & Roosevelt
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona - 602-258-0014

OPEN: 6PM - 12AM TUE thur SAT only. Closed: SUN,MON
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JasonJason grew up in Phoenix, and has a vast knowledge of useful factoids that can help you. Feel free to quiz him on the dynamics of any libation the Lost Leaf serves. He also has a 10 ft python that roams freely in the bar while he works. Don't wiggle your toes with flip flops on...

Bartending: Wed, Fri, Sat



TatoAnyone who knows downtown Phoenix, knows Tato. Famed local artist and musician he's been droppin bombs on Phoenix since the early 80's. Formerly known for Bass playing with the Hypnotwists. Tato also books all of the art and live music at the bar.

Bartending T,TH,FR

For all music and Art bookings at the Lost Leaf please go to our booking page here.



A world traveller and up and coming local artist, Phil can be seen almost any night at the bar. He is responsible for ordering all of our items, so that is your chance to get what you want on our menu. While not bartending he may be seen on 2nd Tuesdays practicing his artistic skills at Anti-Art School !

Bartending M, Weekends


Lauren is a Phoenix girl from birth. Now managing the bar fulltime. Don't forget to ask her about her award winning salsa..

Bar Support 24 x 7


 Not only known for his beer knowledge, he's one of Phxs top mural artists. His non mural art is also unique in his use of wood as a medium.



 One of our resident rockstar bartenders and a real life rockstar, Christina tours globally in one of Little Stevens favorite bands, The Darts. You may also remember her from The Love Me Nots and Mad Caps.


"El Hefe"

Lulz Active in the Phoenix art and music scene since 1987, grey hat by day, drumsticks by night, you may see Eric D testing the freshness of product for your safety.

Choo need to contact me, my email is on the bottom of the contact page ..