The Lost Leaf

914 N 5th Street & Roosevelt
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona - 602-258-0014

OPEN: 5PM - 2AM Every Day
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The Lost Leaf gallery is one of Phoenix's finest underground galleries. Featuring local and national artists,

The Lost Leaf gives 100% of art sales to the artists.

Since we are a full time bar and music venue, artists can enjoy a full month of people viewing their art daily..

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Ashley Macias
Ashley Macias
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Noah Baez - Such
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- Tato Caraveo - Phoenix -

Tato Caraveo Tato Caraveo Tato Caraveo
Tato CaraveoTato CaraveoTato Caraveo
Tato Caraveo

- Lalo Cota - Phoenix
Lalo CotaLalo CotaLalo Cota
Lalo Cota Lalo Cota Lalo CotaLalo Cota
- illy B (Billy Martin) - New York City - Solo Show Jan 5th - 2007