The Lost Leaf

914 N 5th Street & Roosevelt
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona - 602-258-0014

OPEN: 5PM - 2AM Every Day
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  • 2-Bit Palomino
    2-Bit Palomino
  • Abraham Drinking
    Abraham Drinking
  • Action Jets
    Action Jets
  • Adventurenaught cassettes
    Adventurenaught cassettes
  • Al Foul
    Al Foul
  • Alice Wallace
    Alice Wallace
  • AmeriCamera
  • Analog Mistress
    Analog Mistress

  • Andrea Tomasi
    Andrea Tomasi
  • Andrew And His Feisty Felines
    Andrew And His Feisty Felines

  • Aoteaora
  • Ari Chersky
    Ari Chersky
  • Ashley Raines And The New West Review
    Ashley Raines And The New West Review
  • AT7
  • A. Tom Collins
    A. Tom Collins

  • Bachaco
  • The Back Porch Pickers
    The Back Porch Pickers
  • Bad Cactus Brass Band
    Bad Cactus Brass Band
  • BareFoot On Bumble Bee's
    BareFoot On Bumble Bee's

  • Bathless Bastards
    Bathless Bastards
  • Battered Suitecase
    Battered Suitecase

  • Betsy Ganz presents: Toast Tuesdays
    Betsy Ganz presents: Toast Tuesdays
  • Biocidio
  • Bird Eats Baby
    Bird Eats Baby

  • Blackbear Ensemble
    Blackbear Ensemble
  • Blank Waves
    Blank Waves
  • Blue Eyed Son
    Blue Eyed Son
  • Blue Eyed Tomorrow
    Blue Eyed Tomorrow

  • D.J. Brad B.
    D.J. Brad B.
  • The Breaking yard
    The Breaking yard

  • The Brown Tones
    The Brown Tones
  • Bryant Vazquez
    Bryant Vazquez
  • Bottoms Up Blues Gang
    Bottoms Up Blues Gang

  • Burning Palms
    Burning Palms
  • Carl Anderson
    Carl Anderson
  • Carol Pacey And The Honey Shakers
    Carol Pacey And The Honey Shakers

  • Cecile Hortensia
    Cecile Hortensia
  • The Cerny Brothers
    The Cerny Brothers

  • Chamber Band
    Chamber Band
  • Changing Colors
    Changing Colors
  • Charles Ellsworth
    Charles Ellsworth
  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson
  • Cherie Cherie
    Cherie Cherie

  • Chicano Batman
    Chicano Batman
  • Chris Doyle
    Chris Doyle

  • Chris Pena Band
    Chris Pena Band
  • The Classical Revolution Presents
    The Classical Revolution Presents
  • Clown Shoes w/ Mic Cause
    Clown Shoes w/ Mic Cause
  • Club America
    Club America
  • Coast West Unrest
    Coast West Unrest

  • Cobalt Cranes
    Cobalt Cranes
  • ColdPony
  • Colorstore

  • Copper And Congress
    Copper And Congress

  • Cosmic Sucker Punch
    Cosmic Sucker Punch
  • Cosmos

  • Coyote Mustache
    Coyote Mustache
  • Bittersweet way
    Bittersweet way
  • Cult Babies
    Cult Babies

  • Bad Cactus Brass Band
    Bad Cactus Brass Band
  • Damn Union
    Damn Union

  • Dan Dan Noodles
    Dan Dan Noodles
  • Danger Cakes
    Danger Cakes

  • Danielle Grubb
    Danielle Grubb
  • Daniel Hart
    Daniel Hart

  • Blood Feud Family Singers
    Blood Feud Family Singers
  • Dave Rose Trio
    Dave Rose Trio
  • Day Before Plastics
    Day Before Plastics
  • D. Bess
    D. Bess
  • Dead Tenant
    Dead Tenant
  • Dear Speak
    Dear Speak
  • Decker
  • Deerpeople
  • D.J. Dehga The Joint
    D.J. Dehga The Joint

  • The Dikes of Holland
    The Dikes of Holland
  • District Verdant
    District Verdant
  • D.J. Dirty
    D.J. Dirty
  • D.J. Stoney Pie
    D.J. Stoney Pie
  • DJentrification

  • IVO
  • D.J.Just Chris
    D.J.Just Chris

  • Dmitri Matheny
    Dmitri Matheny
  • Don Cat
    Don Cat
  • Dos Hermanos
    Dos Hermanos
  • Downhill Trend
    Downhill Trend
  • Dr. Delicious
    Dr. Delicious

  • Dutch Holly
    Dutch Holly
  • Dylan Pratt
    Dylan Pratt
  • Dynamite the Liberator
    Dynamite the Liberator
  • The Echo Bombs
    The Echo Bombs
  • Elijah Ocean
    Elijah Ocean
  • Ellie Perry
    Ellie Perry

  • Emby Alexander
    Emby Alexander
  • Erica Blinn And The Handsome Machine
    Erica Blinn And The Handsome Machine
  • Erin English
    Erin English

  • Eryn Bent
    Eryn Bent
  • Ethan James Pagan
    Ethan James Pagan
  • Everyone Is Dirty
    Everyone Is Dirty
  • Eye Of The Eye
    Eye Of The Eye

  • Fatigo

  • The Feminine Project
    The Feminine Project
  • Ferrodyne
  • Field Trip
    Field Trip

  • A Former Friend
    A Former Friend

  • Freaks Of Nature
    Freaks Of Nature
  • Freddie Stevenson
    Freddie Stevenson
  • French Girls
    French Girls
  • Brutha White
    Brutha White
  • Jerusafunk
  • Generiks

  • The Get Down Boys
    The Get Down Boys
  • Ghiant
  • Goldenboy

  • Good Friends , Great Enemies
    Good Friends , Great Enemies
  • Gospel Claws
    Gospel Claws

  • Gustavo Angeles
    Gustavo Angeles
  • Hasty Escape
    Hasty Escape

  • Haymarket Squares
    Haymarket Squares
  • The Heaviest Cat
    The Heaviest Cat
  • Lorde’s Of The Plains
    Lorde’s Of The Plains
  • J-Calvin’s Funk Express
    J-Calvin’s Funk Express
  • Hibou
  • House Of Stairs
    House Of Stairs

  • Ides Of Gemini
    Ides Of Gemini
  • The Hill In Mind
    The Hill In Mind
  • Sans Pagaie
    Sans Pagaie

  • Jack And The Bears
    Jack And The Bears
  • Jack Littman
    Jack Littman
  • Jacob Acosta
    Jacob Acosta

  • Jane Rose And The Dead End Boys
    Jane Rose And The Dead End Boys
  • Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls
    Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls

  • Jeff Wright
    Jeff Wright
  • Jellied Brainz
    Jellied Brainz
  • Jerusafunk
  • Jessica Campbell
    Jessica Campbell

  • Jiggle

  • JindaLee
  • J.J.C.N.V

  • Joe Myers
    Joe Myers

  • Johanna Warren
    Johanna Warren
  • John Courage And The Great Plains
    John Courage And The Great Plains
  • John Ettinger
    John Ettinger

  • John Wayne Bro
    John Wayne Bro

  • J.P. Whipple
    J.P. Whipple
  • Juini Booth
    Juini Booth

  • Katterwaul

  • Kepi Ghoulie
    Kepi Ghoulie
  • Kevin Seconds
    Kevin Seconds

  • King Fat Hand
    King Fat Hand

  • Kissing Party
    Kissing Party

  • Kongos
  • KONGOS- Egomaniac Listening Party
    KONGOS- Egomaniac Listening Party
  • Krief ( The Dears )
    Krief ( The Dears )
  • Scorpion vs Tarantula
    Scorpion vs Tarantula

  • Labor Party
    Labor Party
  • Lady and the Jakes
    Lady and the Jakes
  • Lady Lazarus
    Lady Lazarus
  • Hump Day Burlesque
    Hump Day Burlesque
  • The Larva Brothers
    The Larva Brothers

  • Lawn Chair
    Lawn Chair

  • L355ONS
  • Liila
  • Lindi Ortega
    Lindi Ortega

  • Lonesome Leash
    Lonesome Leash

  • Lonna Kelley
    Lonna Kelley
  • Lori Le Chien
    Lori Le Chien

  • The Love Me Nots
    The Love Me Nots
  • The Mad Caps
    The Mad Caps
  • Make My Baby
    Make My Baby
  • Mallevs
  • Man Cat
    Man Cat

  • Man Hands
    Man Hands

  • The McCoy Tyler Band
    The McCoy Tyler Band
  • Megafauna

  • Random a.k.a Mega Ran
    Random a.k.a Mega Ran
  • Melody Guy
    Melody Guy

  • Mickey And The Mountains
    Mickey And The Mountains
  • Mike Little
    Mike Little

  • Mini Bosses
    Mini Bosses
  • Minor Note Orchestra
    Minor Note Orchestra

  • Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray
    Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray
  • Mitchell Leonard
    Mitchell Leonard
  • The Mod Zombies
    The Mod Zombies

  • Moodie Black
    Moodie Black

  • Mother of Sorrows
    Mother of Sorrows
  • Mrs. Lincoln
    Mrs. Lincoln
  • Mt. Thelonius
    Mt. Thelonius
  • Musikanto
  • MV & EE
    MV & EE

  • No Volcano
    No Volcano

  • Numb Bats
    Numb Bats

  • Bad Man
    Bad Man

  • Of the Painted Choir
    Of the Painted Choir
  • Otonana Trio
    Otonana Trio
  • Oll Breds
    Oll Breds

  • Open Score Orchestra
    Open Score Orchestra

  • Panther Sequoia
    Panther Sequoia

  • Pet Tigers
    Pet Tigers


  • The Plainefield Butchers
    The Plainefield Butchers
  • Poeina Suddarth
    Poeina Suddarth
  • Los Tortas
    Los Tortas
  • Post Paint
    Post Paint
  • Powerslide
  • Quita Penas
    Quita Penas

  • Ray Reeves and the Masters of the Economy
    Ray Reeves and the Masters of the Economy

  • The Renegade String Band
    The Renegade String Band
  • The Rewind
    The Rewind

  • Richard Catwrangleur
    Richard Catwrangleur

  • Riverside Cathedral
    Riverside Cathedral
  • Robby Roberson Quartet
    Robby Roberson Quartet

  • The Roseline
    The Roseline
  • Running From Bears
    Running From Bears

  • Ryan Rousseau
    Ryan Rousseau
  • Saints Of VanBuren
    Saints Of VanBuren
  • Sam Chase
    Sam Chase
  • Samantha Harlow
    Samantha Harlow

  • Sarah Beth Go
    Sarah Beth Go
  • Sawmill Joe
    Sawmill Joe
  • Scientist
  • The Scorpion Decides
    The Scorpion Decides

  • Sea Of Sound
    Sea Of Sound

  • Senteons
  • Serene Dominic The Human Torch
    Serene Dominic The Human Torch

  • The Shady Rest Band
    The Shady Rest Band
  • Shane Cooley And The Midnight Girls
    Shane Cooley And The Midnight Girls

  • Shawn James And The Shape Shifters
    Shawn James And The Shape Shifters

  • The Shilohs
    The Shilohs
  • Shining Soul
    Shining Soul

  • Sick Sea
    Sick Sea

  • Sioux City Kid
    Sioux City Kid
  • Sister Lip
    Sister Lip
  • Siv And Maddie
    Siv And Maddie

  • Slizzard
  • The Hot Plate feat. DJ Smite
    The Hot Plate feat. DJ Smite
  • Snake! Snake! Snakes!
    Snake! Snake! Snakes!
  • Snow Songs
    Snow Songs

  • Solorkestra
  • Sol Seed
    Sol Seed
  • SolTrak Union
    SolTrak Union

  • Some Magical Animal
    Some Magical Animal
  • Something Went Awry
    Something Went Awry

  • Sunorus
  • Speck Mountain
    Speck Mountain
  • Super Spider Spider Spider
    Super Spider Spider Spider
  • Spirit Cave
    Spirit Cave
  • Spirit Orbs
    Spirit Orbs
  • Spooky Cool
    Spooky Cool
  • Square Dance Ruckus
    Square Dance Ruckus
  • Somethin Else
    Somethin Else
  • Steel Toed Slippers
    Steel Toed Slippers
  • Steep Ravine
    Steep Ravine
  • Steff And The Articles
    Steff And The Articles

  • Straight Straws
    Straight Straws

  • The Sugar Thieves
    The Sugar Thieves

  • Sun Bones
    Sun Bones
  • Supa Joint
    Supa Joint
  • Swamp Donkeys
    Swamp Donkeys
  • Sweetbleeders

  • Taken By Canadians
    Taken By Canadians
  • Tall Grandpas Social Hoe down
    Tall Grandpas Social Hoe down

  • Tara Linda
    Tara Linda
  • Tater Famine
    Tater Famine

  • Taylor Upsahl
    Taylor Upsahl
  • Teach Me Equals
    Teach Me Equals

  • Tele Speak
    Tele Speak

  • Terra Firma
    Terra Firma

  • Terror Corrupto
    Terror Corrupto
  • Tesoro

  • The Blind Pets
    The Blind Pets
  • The Blue Goats
    The Blue Goats
  • Break Up Society
    Break Up Society
  • The Brown Tones
    The Brown Tones
  • The Crux
    The Crux
  • The Deltaz
    The Deltaz
  • The Dusty Buskers
    The Dusty Buskers

  • The Fontaine Classic
    The Fontaine Classic
  • The Galt Line
    The Galt Line

  • The Mission Creeps
    The Mission Creeps

  • St. James Society
    St. James Society
  • The Stakes
    The Stakes
  • The Thin Bloods
    The Thin Bloods
  • The Van Allen Belt
    The Van Allen Belt
  • The Wandas
    The Wandas

  • The General Electric
    The General Electric

  • There Is Danger
    There Is Danger

  • Third Seven
    Third Seven

  • Tierra del Fuego
    Tierra del Fuego

  • TjuTjuna
  • TK and the Irresistibles
    TK and the Irresistibles
  • Tobie Milford
    Tobie Milford

  • Todd Day Waits Pigpen
    Todd Day Waits Pigpen

  • Treasure Mammal
    Treasure Mammal

  • Tres Lunas
    Tres Lunas
  • D.J. Tricky T
    D.J. Tricky T
  • Whiskey Shivers
    Whiskey Shivers

  • Two Visions
    Two Visions
  • Un Dia En Octubre
    Un Dia En Octubre
  • D.J. Reubot
    D.J. Reubot
  • The Unlucky 8s
    The Unlucky 8s

  • Viento Callejero
    Viento Callejero
  • Heavy The Light Weight
    Heavy The Light Weight
  • Village Blasting Club
    Village Blasting Club

  • Waveform. Analog. Research
    Waveform. Analog. Research
  • Wavelengths

  • White Flags
    White Flags
  • Wolvves

  • Slow Moses
    Slow Moses
  • World Class Thugs
    World Class Thugs
  • Yard Sale Heart
    Yard Sale Heart