The Lost Leaf

914 N 5th Street & Roosevelt
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona - 602-258-0014

OPEN: 6PM - 12AM TUE thur SAT only. Closed: SUN,MON
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Thank You Arizona from the bottom of our hearts!
You Did It !
We met our fundraising goal of $25,000
Meet our Investors!

This will be our success in remaining open after it is safe to do so!
Please stay tuned while we update this site with Investor Information!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at : or call/text to 602-321-8552

Again, it’s hard to say thank you in a meaningful way, but we are forever indebted to your thoughtfulness and kindness!
With love in our hearts

- Eric & Lauren and the Lost Leaf Crew!

Saints of The Lost Leaf
The Lost Leaf
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Patron Saints of The Lost Leaf
Staci Callaghan
Kaiti Pritchett
Kelly Aubey - The Film Bar
Brandon William Thomas
Jennifer Sorensen
Hoping this passes soon so we can all come down to see your smiles over a few drinks! Stay healthy! Stay safe!! ~ Jenni & Tim
Alicia Crumpton
Cean & Katie
Shara & Blaine
Joe Brklacich
Liz Koppinger
Jesse Kongos
You guys will pull through, always have. Thanks for being one of the most supportive venues in phx.
Emby Alexander
We love The Lost Leaf
Zachary Harrawood
Brandon Weiss
David Dunshie
Ira Pettit
Isaac Weinhausen
Charles (Chuck) McKibbin
Daniela Melina
Anything for you guys, y'all held me together so many nights in Phoenix
Genevieve Rice
Joen Copeland Aguirre
Dylan Thomas
No other bar/venue has impacted me like the Lost Leaf. The performances I’ve attended, performances I’ve given, friends I’ve made, conversations I’ve had etc. Not only is it one of my favorite places to go for music, it’s also one of my favorite places just to hang. It is an absolute staple in the valley for many reasons.
Ray Anthony
The staff and the venue rawks . The venue's patrons enjoyed my band's performance.
Jeffrey Libman
Frank Picazo
Kristin and I love you guys!!!
Clint Hill
Dan Rose
Carson Wheeler
Leanne Van Camp
Sunny Thaper
I donated because Lost Leaf is literally one of my favorite places and I'm not gonna let it die.
Rachel Svardal
Alan Dubla
Y'all make me feel less lost.
Lisa Nevin
Jason Cook
Kate Secor
Illya Riske
tk Campo
Kenneth Steiness
This place is amazing and I would hate to see it fail because of current circumstances!
Bob Hoag
Todd Evans
Hillary Tash
Scorpion vs. Tarantula
Marivel Luna Simms
Revizor loves The Lost Leaf!
Nicole Dunlap
Sending love from the bay area. Lost Leaf remains one of my all time favorite places, always full of good people and good conversation. Please pull through these tough times!!
Ethan Baxley
David Benson
Sara Matlin
Barbi and Matt Micheletti
Chris Chattom
Deborah Jamieson
Kate Hastings
Tim Ness
Petra Ibarra-Nagel
Carrie Perkins
Manjula Vaz
Kimber Lanning
Maggie Garcia
Brad Murry
Rene Ordaz
John Logan
David Bowman
Joseph Liddy
The Lost Leaf is such a great place and I have some amazing memories from there and I would love to create some more in the future.
Nicole Underwood
Reuben Martinez
Dave Henning
Daniela Villanueva
Came back to donate a second time, love you Lost Leaf
Terry Wake
Justis Andrada
Kim Scarabello
I donated because Thursday night poetry slam makes my week.
Camille Labate
The best nights of my life have been spent here with the best friends I have ever had. Please don't close!!! I love you LL!
Vince Larue
Dani Coleman
The Lost Leaf is the heart of Downtown Phx. I've seen some of my favorite bands there and had some of my most memorable moments in that house. Love you guys, stay safe! ❤
Nicole Lins
Haley Ritter
Adam Roberts
Running from Bears has been playing there monthly for nearing a decade now. I’m proud to give back and see this downtown gem stick around!
Lauren Preble
Genevieve Nicholson
Louisa Hermes
Sue Greaves
Jasmine Hydro
Bennett McCutcheon
I lived across from here for years and it's one of my favorite bars in the world. Lost Leaf I love you, stay alive!!
Katie Pederson
nathaniel nichols
Tyson Krank
Annette Verdugo
Jeff Libman
Amber Harrold
Robert Cooper
Compl3te Streets
You’ve never discriminated.
Charlie Wheeler
Michael Ramage
Jennifer Gadek
Doug Murphy
Kell Duncan
Thomas Catlaw
John Cavanaugh
Tara Sharpe
Jessie Demaree
Imelda Ojeda
Desiree Lopez
Shane Dombrowski
Tasha Trego
Chris Sanchez
Oscar Mauricio Ruiz
This place means a lot.
Cecilia Ayers
Tim Ness
Damian Braun
Soulful Form
Justin! Katz
George Nunez
Crystal Hart
Tim Culver
Jason Bentley
Nicole Underwood
Yolanda Bejarano
Mitchell Willard
Joni Griego
Charles Darr
Wish I had a more reliable income right now, the donation doesn't match my gratitude for all of my Leaf family!
Jack McCahan
Jarrett Saenz
Vanessa Castillo
Ramon Miranda
Great place in Phoenix and great times with friends especially when Djentrification plays there!
Lauren Preble
Eric Diaz
Lost Leaf is my favorite bar in Phoenix. I can't wait until this is over and we get you guys back up and running, hang in :-)
Kiana Swatzell
Kerstin Johnson
Eric Rasmussen
Rob Wren
Marissa Burris
HotRock SupaJoint
Tyler Greaves
Vosi Vantes Loves you
Carl Ross
Lee Jacobson
Lot of good memories over the years. Love the mead!
Christopher Pfeiff
Ed Lew
Connor Descheemaker
Machelle Click
Love the Lost Lead! Been one of my PHX faves for years!
Luis Robles
John Schampel
Jessica Taylor
Reese Rowley
Michael Breu
Mudit Khanna
Lost Leaf is one of my favorite bars in the valley. I want to do my bit in making sure the owners get all the support they need to keep this bar alive. Can't wait to be back to those Friday nights!
Reanna Diehl
Jason Ayers for Jessie, Cindy and Sunny
Nathaniel Nichols
Megyn Neff
Alex Djents
Fausto Fernandez
I miss the lost leaf!
Sebastian Maconi
Rhys Kelso
Janelle Kappeli
Raul Madrid
Amber Rogers
Natashia Mejia
I love this place, the people, the vibe, and the meaning.
Some People’s Kids Some People’s Kids
Crystal Hunt
Michael Pfister
Thank you for all you all have done for me and other musicians throughout the years. Looking forward to being back under those red lights when this is all over!
Phx Localista
Carrie Perkins
Amber Littau
April Zavala
Eduardo Pym
Rob Gibson
Jennifer Halen
Karla Gamez
Lost Leaf is
Rachel Beauvais
Kat Martinez
John Vo
Kara Roschi
Steve Wilcox
Jeremy Deatherage
Mike Sanchez
Clint and Lara Plecas
Joshua Granillo
Mary Ettner
Hannah Walsh
Brittany Petersen
Jess Lovejoy
Patrick Alvarado
Brittany Lea
Renee Aguilar
Nikcole Thompson
This is one of the finest establishments in Phoenix. My heart would break if it couldn’t re-open.
Cory Bergquist
Lost Leaf is awesome!
Dayana Gonzalez
Gerald Schoenherr
Monica Lenne
Jonathan Scott Howard
Mark Knight
I have enjoyed many fun evenings at the Lost Leaf and would like to have many more! Let's get through this crisis together!
Lawrence Andrews
Shawna Byrne
Christina Henderson
Jess Lovejoy
Nicole Quintus
Michael Goodwin
Lost Leaf is one of the pioneers of the area, supporting culture, artists, amazing music. I remember when it opened, and they worked like hell to make it happen. Keep on keepin' on Lost Leaf we love you
Chelsea Fredenburgh
Daenah Henderson
Tory Howell
Renee Darby
Joshua Bennett
Lauren Tomlin
Lance Eddy
Chris Banks
John Angelo
One of my favorite bars in Phoenix. Hang in there, please!
Chris Cusick
Andrew Young
Tristan Peterson-Steinert
Dawn Benford
Kharli and Dustin
Kelly Fitzmaurice
Erin Galiger
Julian Guerrero
Joe Golfen
The Lost Leaf has always been a valuable part of Phoenix culture and Roosevelt Row wouldn’t be what it is today without it. Locally owned and art focused, it’s a place I’ve always loved. Best of luck to you!
Cristin Davis
Rafael Navarro
Reid Riddiough
Tom Carignan
Tammy Sanchez
Evon Hart
Christina S
Leah C
Franny Sharpe
Jeff Gutierrez
Ed Sweet
Thanks for giving me my start as Electric Sol and for being a great place to hang out. Looking forward to more good times there!
Sophia Gunn
Eric Cox
Nikki Moran
Ariana Love
Don't have much to give right now but hope you guys pull through
Cathy Saylor
Brienne Chance
Paul Hildebrand
Shane Handler
Aida DeJonghe
Tara Martinez
Celeste Leon
Brendan Rincon
Davina Griego
Paula Tesoriero
Lorraine Feehery
Ryan Lemoine
Camilla Alexander
Perry Allen
Kevin Tangney
Ted Bouras
Derrick Pacheco
Downtown Phoenix needs more risk-takers like a Eric and crew. The Lost Leaf has done more for the local and nomadic Arts Community and the “little guy” than any other indie venue in recent memory. Proud to have been part of the opening crew, neighbor, patron, and in the circle of crazy. I met plenty of life-long friends because of this place of gathering and it would be huge loss to the community if it were gone from the landscape.
david accomazzo
Anne Blair
I donated because I am Djent's mother!
Marcella Grassa
Jonathan Douglas
Matt Dickson
Greg Flores
Carl Pavlock
Diana Morrison
Lauren Keeler
Michael 23
PHXLocalista Homegirlblogger
I’m donating because not only is this a staple of Roosevelt Row’s also locally owned. They also care about giving artists and musicians a chance to showcase their talents in a venue that has a kick ass vibe!
Jessie W
Mary Gross
Sirrena Ault
Kharli Mandeville
Jon Goodell
Jason Ayers
They supported us for so long: no cover, no commission on the artists shown, open 365 days a year for over 14 years, putting up with our bullshit after 2am. Show them support back!
Jim Dustan
Christen Bejar
Jessica Call
Brittany Reyes
Autumn McClintock
Ganesh Murthy
Cynthia Caraveo
Tonissa Saul
Crystal Hunt
Alex & Bennett Sarager
We love the Lost Leaf
Bethany Valdivia
John Ellis
Michelle C
Jeffrey Cardello
Marc Oxborrow
Danielle Wood
Edgar Sopper
Christine Martinez
Cristobal Castro
chelsi rossi47
Amber Walker
Gavi Reynoso
Clay McConnell
Mark Sharma
One of the first bars I started going to when I turned 21, I've always found sincere conversation and a caring community at Lost Leaf.
Kiana S
Aaron Finglass
Susan Steckner
Kelsee Rusinek
Kelsey Brownell
Scott Murdock
Tara Lopez
Justin James
Zach Blewitt
Derek Langham
William Saenz
Daenah Henderson
Justin Heflin
Marah Armenta
Misael Rios
Erick Pineda
Amanda Gomba
Jacob Unterreiner
Steve Weiss
The Lost Leaf is the last remaining bar on Roosevelt from the good old days and I want to be able to come back to it after all this is over. I’ve always had a good time there, met some wonderful people and shared lots of emotional moments. All members of Terreno Baldío Country Club should donate! You are our 10th hole! We love you guys.
Michael Cook
Tera Wolf
Cassie Sperry
Carly Bates
Emiel Bakker
Bill Hempill
This is my family. Support your family
Tom Blotter
Jennifer Alexander
Mikey McVey
Johanna Pigue
Peter Hickman
Stephanie and Jacob Voelker
For over a decade I have enjoyed going to Lost Leaf for great beer and music. We hope to continue to frequent this amazing place!
Tyler Hainlen
Uriel Ruvalcaba
Caitlin Miller
Byron Ballyhoo
Amanda Smith
Katlyn Nuñez
Ethan Rhoads
The sticker shows and the peoples
Dan Tripp
Chris Adams
Susie Steckner
Jessi DiBartolomeo
Kristine Cannon
Shawn Roberts
Some of the best gigs I've ever been to were free shows at Lost Leaf, best bar ever.
Cristian Sabillon
Hunter Rand
Greg Lloyd
Mark Sharma
Jake Swanson
Bonnie Jordan
Marissa Novel
Joe Maier
Kris Olmon
Meagan Gallagher
Natacha Chavez
Maggie C
Melodie Havens
Jake Ooley
Matteson Mills
Kennent Sandoval
Cheyna Madrid
My brother works at lost leaf, and he always says such wonderful things about it. I’ve never been because I live out of state, but I would love to go there the next time I visit him. ❤️
Nathan Siddoway
Live music
Val Callaway
Jordan Doneskey
Anonymous Saints of The Lost Leaf
Largest Donor Award! $2500
I have so many great memories of bands I saw here, and of just wandering in at random to catch a show. It'd break my heart to see this place just disappear. Phoenix needs the Lost Leaf!
This place is a treasure for Phoenix and I have fond memories of it.
I love the lost leaf.