About The Lost Leaf

The original Lost Leaf was started as a website around 2001 that sold antique art prints.

Some prints from the site can be seen in the photos below. From there we had the idea to focus on local artists and wanted to help them by giving 100% of all art sales, but needed a physical location. That original location was found at 7th and McDowell, currently where the SideBar is. It was previously a photography studio that had not been used for about 20 years. After an intense cleanup and re-paint you can see some photos below.

The Opening

Started as an art gallery on First Fridays only and private events

We featured underground performances as well as Phoenix’s top artists. Due to gentrification, the historic building that housed The Lost Leaf and the classic underground club the Emerald Lounge (same owner as The Ruby Room) which was there since the 40’s, is now a Starbucks and Pei Wei, The Emerald Lounge and the Lost Leaf moved out shortly after the news and a ten fold rent increase.


History of The Lost Leaf Opening

The Location for the new Lost Leaf Gallery is in the historic area near 5th Street and Roosevelt. It took 14 months starting in March 2006 to secure a liquor license at this location (#7 Beer & Wine). During that time The Lost Leaf was open First Fridays only. As with the original location, 100% of art sales go to the artists. The Lost Leaf was started on the idea of getting local artists off the ground by not charging commission.

The house was built in the early 1920’s. It has recently been restored keeping the original floors and exposed brick. In fact all the buildings brick was hand made on site.

This historic Phoenix home was the original location of Max’s Sausage started by German immigrants in the early days of Phoenix. The original flag pole out front was erected in 1940 with an American flag to let Phoenicians know that they were Americans now and did not support Germany in the war. You can still find Max Pickled Sausages today around the Phoenix Area.

Centered in one of Phoenix’s last original neighborhood, Evans Churchill; you’ll be taken back to the beginning of our beautiful town. St Patricks Day 2006 – First Show Ever! Pre – Opening 1 Year before full time opening.


7 Days A Week – 365 days a year
5PM – 2AM Monday – Sunday

21+ Only Always