The Lost Leaf Booking

From our beginning we have proudly contributed over $250,000 directly to musicians that participate in the Phoenix Music Scene.

This number does not include Art sales which artists receive 100%. We never charge a cover and are 21+ only….
Band pay comes from the bar sales and band merchandise sales.


The Lost Leaf has had over 5394 FREE SHOWS since we opened in Mar 2006.

The music area is very small, with only room for about 25 people directly in front of the band, although another 30+ can see the band, and another 30+ can hear them. This is an original historic house from 1920, it was not designed as a music venue, although with vaulted ceilings and wood hollow floors the acoustics are quite good.

We are a 21+ only music venue.


For Music or Art bookings reach out to

*Please include the following in your email

  • Full name, & phone number
  • Band/Stage Name/Artist Name
  • Your location
  • Date or time frame you’re wanting to perform
  • EPK or all available social media links
  • Music Links, preferably Bandcamp or Soundcloud (not paid streaming music services)
  • Genre description


  • PERCENTAGE does not apply on 1st Friday of the month.
  • Bands must sign for the money, and W9’d.
  • We usually have a bar employee who does sound. Artists may setup up their own sound. Usually, only vocals run through the PA.
  • Bands can load in and setup anytime from 4:30 PM to no later than 9:30PM. This is for the opening band, other bands may load in on demand.
  • Please don’t take breaks longer than 15 min between sets.
  • Bands and promoters can request earlier sets or special events sets that last all day with lots of bands.
  • Bands are provided drink tickets, or a discount at the bar.
  • It is acceptable to bring on multiple acts, but we cannot guarantee an increase in pay. You must confirm them, so The Lost Leaf is able to market the show properly. These terms also apply to promoters, and DJs.
  • Lead artist may be responsible to pay other bands if they bring them. For example if there are 4 bands 1 band might get the cash, and disperse to the other bands.
  • Bands added to the show at the last minute may not increase your pay time. For example if you have a 1 hour set, and add 2 bands at the last minute, you may still get paid for that hour only.
  • Bands with members under 21 are permitted, if a parent of each underage member is in attendance. No underage audience members may attend.
  • NO EXCEPTIONS MADE. This is Arizona law.

We book 80% local bands but sometime it is easier for new local bands to try and get on an existing show of a band you know to get your foot in the door.

We are sorry that we cannot respond to all attempts to book Music or Art at our venue due to our limited resources and high requests.

Thank you and we love you !

Other Great Places nearby to book shows, just in case we don’t work out =)

7 Days A Week – 365 days a year
5PM – 2AM Monday – Sunday

21+ Only Always